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Balios Umbrellas combine traditional workmanship with contemporary style to create the finest umbrellas on the market.


Balios combines time-honoured quality with innovation. The design stages are all completed in the UK. Once we’re happy with the model, each umbrella is carefully constructed at our factory in the Far East. To ensure each umbrella will have its own uniqueness, we ethically source natural materials with strict standards, such as birch wood, chestnut wood, rosewood, bamboos and rattans and carefully handcraft them into our handles. Our team sources only the finest cloths to be fashioned into our ranges of umbrellas; with a size, style and design to suit everyone.


Our philosophy isn’t complicated. We don’t believe that affordable umbrellas need to be poor quality ones. We think that everyone should be able to buy a beautifully made umbrella at a reasonable price. Balios Umbrellas are solidly constructed with the highest quality components for endurance and performance. But excellence doesn’t have to mean paying premium prices. From careful and responsible sourcing of materials, to working with accomplished and knowledgeable partners; at every stage we seek to minimise unnecessary costs so that we can supply superb umbrellas at an extremely competitive price.


In a commercial world awash with low quality, disposable products, we sought durability. Amid a market replete with environmentally disastrous, throwaway commodities, we looked at how we could harness the beauty of natural materials wherever possible. In a changing world, we all need a few things that we can rely on. Like good friends, Balios Umbrellas are built to accompany you on life’s path; helping you to weather the storms, jump the puddles and sing in the rain.

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