A. We know how customers appreciate lightweight umbrellas so our Classic and Designer Collection umbrellas weigh on average just 395g/13.93oz (excluding the sleeves). All weights and sizes of umbrellas are on each umbrellas product page.

A. Balios recognise that customers appreciate compact umbrellas. Classic and Designer Collection umbrellas have and average length of 35cm/13.78in when folded, and 102cm/40.16in and 117cm/46.06in when open. Umbrellas in the Lifestyle and Premium walking umbrella collections are only a little bit larger.

A. We do not provide a repair service, but our strong and durable designs greatly reduce the risk of damage in the course of normal usage so we don’t anticipate many customers will find themselves in this situation.

A. The high quality materials and craftsmanship invested in manufacturing our umbrellas make wind damage unlikely, but no umbrella maker can cover damage from wind or regular wear and tear. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to be an exception to this rule.

A. Sorry. We do not keep a stock of replacement umbrella covers.

A. Even though we only use materials that resist corrosion, we recommend you take a few simple umbrella care steps. Remember to open up your wet umbrella and allow it to dry out when you come inside out of the rain. Also, avoid cleaning the cloth with detergents since they can damage the umbrella’s waterproof covering. It is much safer to clean the fabric with a soft cloth and plain water.

A. We make every effort to offer one of the most extensive collections of quality umbrellas available online. At the moment orders for customized umbrellas are not accepted, but this is a service we might offer at some future date. Please keep checking our website for updates.

A. Balios is very conscious of the need to protect the world’s natural resources. We take these concerns into account when deciding where to purchase materials. We also try wherever possible to use micro fibre cloth, brown paper and an eco-friendly bag for packaging.

A. We would be delighted to work with you. Please send your business name, address and contact details to info@baliosumbrellas.com

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