Tips for buying windproof umbrellas


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Tips for buying windproof umbrellas

Not all umbrellas are created equal. The right umbrella can make us want to sing in the rain, whilst the wrong umbrella, can, quite literally, put a dampener on our day. 

The truth is, we seldom think about investing a new windproof umbrella until the sky turns a frightening shade of black, or worse still when we find ourselves caught in an unexpected downpour. This often results in snapping up the first umbrella we set eyes on, only to toss it aside before we’ve reached our destination. 

Thankfully, there are several windproof umbrellas available on the market today. Most have undergone rigorous tests for water-repellency, size, durability, weight, ease of use and overall wind and storm-proof abilities.

From the best travel umbrellas to those with hardened steel ribs, to over-sized versions featuring double-layer canopy designs, there is a style to suit all.

In this buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about windproof umbrellas.

Considerations before choosing windproof umbrellas

Here are a few things to consider before choosing a windproof umbrella… 

Pick one that is easy to open and close

If you find yourself caught in a sudden storm, wrestling to open or close your windproof umbrella isn’t high on the agenda. Picking a style that is easy to operate in the wind is a must. Thankfully, many of today’s contemporary umbrellas feature automatic open and close buttons, a little like the buttons you’d expect to find on a cleverly designed James Bond weapon. 

When considering open and closing mechanisms, opt for a shaft that collapses in two sections. A windproof umbrella frame that folds into intricate pieces may look fancy, but the likelihood is it won’t be as sturdy or operate as smoothly as one with fewer components. More elements can also increase your chances of pinched fingers.

Fiberglass ribs 

Fiberglass boasts an abundance of niche manufacturing advantages. But how are these relevant to shielding you from rain, wind and stormy weather? For one, an umbrella with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs is an umbrella guaranteed to offer longevity and tenacity.

In addition to this, fiberglass ribs are impervious to rust and corrosion. They also offer a certain level of flexibility, allowing the ribs to bow in the wind instead of breaking.

Double canopy

Windproof umbrellas featuring a double canopy design are perfectly suited to relentless storms. Their unique, gust-defying design encourages harsh winds to blow through conveniently placed side vents, ensuring your umbrella stays upright and intact.

When you are battling rain and wind, a double-layer fabric or vented canopy promises to prevent your umbrella from performing that embarrassing ‘turn inside out’ motion. In a nutshell, you stay dry while the wind passes through the umbrella instead of reversing it. 


Renowned for its water, oil, wind and stain-resistant properties, umbrellas with Teflon coating are not only aesthetically pleasing, their life expectancy is also highly impressive. An additional bonus? You will rarely have to clean them! 

State-of-the-art Teflon technology is a material more and more successful windproof umbrella manufacturers are turning to today. Teflon umbrellas work by repelling various elements using a waterproof and instantly drying Teflon canopy.

Other popular materials include nine resin-reinforced fibreglass, which coats the ribs, the handle and sidebar of numerous top quality umbrellas, ensuring the ultimate in wind-proof design.

Rubber handle 

Handles are one feature to consider when choosing a wind-proof umbrella, with rubber handles being some of the most popular choices available. Why? Asides from offering additional comfort and grip, they are weighty, which prevents your umbrella from taking off in strong winds.

The likelihood is, you will be carrying items including bags, small children, laptops or phones when the heavens decide to open, which means a handle must perform well in both your right and left hand. 

For best results, choose a slim grip with cushioning materials for maximum comfort. Avoid umbrellas featuring heavy, hard-to-hold or bulky handles.

Wind and Rain protection 

Some wind resistance umbrellas can withstand gusts of up to 78mph. We recommend you avoid encountering such weather. If you do get caught in a freak storm, it’s good to know, that when armed with the right umbrella, high winds won’t pose an issue.

Similarly, when picking the perfect ‘raining’ champion, choose a windproof umbrella that does not leave you drenched when you try to open or close it. Opt for a reversible design, which ingeniously folds away from you. This means water gets trapped inside of the umbrella rather than dripping all over you.


Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. The secret to finding your perfect match? Consider your lifestyle. If you are a commuter, a style you can stash in your backpack and forget about until the heavens open is a must. If driving is your main form of transport, something with a more substantial inch diameter is key. 

Size certainly matters when it comes to choosing an umbrella. If you are an avid golfer or enjoy a long walk (rain or shine), an ample sized golfing umbrella is a must, especially one featuring in-built wind-proof technology. City dwellers will want to pick out a compact, lightweight style. One that won’t warrant angry stares from fellow concrete pounders.

In the past, windproof umbrellas measuring 40 inches to 48 inches in diameter were the market go-to. These have been replaced by impressive 68-inch options! 

In terms of compact styles, models measuring 38 inches in diameter offer the best protection from wind and rain.


The removable fabric sleeve that comes with most windproof umbrella products is a handy accessory to have. This add-on boasts two main advantages. It acts as protection, ensuring the umbrella stays clean when not in use, an asset to those who store it in the depths of their bag. 

Additionally, it keeps the umbrella dry when you’re out and about. If you store this item alongside other belongings, a slipcover will protect them from becoming wet. 

Other accessories worth investing include an umbrella stand. There are styles to suit all shapes and sizes of umbrella.

Price tag 

Price is not always a surefire indicator of quality, but a $50 windproof umbrella is highly likely to outperform a $5 option. Umbrellas in the $30 – $40 price commission are generally a safe bet, offering durability, good coverage, and coveted features, such as open and close mechanisms.

Considering the average yearly rainfall across the globe, it’s likely you’ll get at least 100 days of use from your umbrella per year. With this in mind, a pricier model designed to last is often a better buy than a cheaper alternative, especially one deemed to join the ranks of the broken brollies.

Still thinking about purchasing a cheap option from your local grocery store? Paying more for a quality wind-resistant model can be more cost-effective, especially as the majority of today’s top-tiered versions last for a minimum of five years, or better still, come with a lifetime guarantee. 

If you live in an area where rain is constant (tropical or not) think of an umbrella as an accessory. You unlikely have any qualms paying a couple of hundred dollars for a pair of shoes you wear every day, so why not spend a little more on a stylish, durable umbrella? Picking one that perfectly complements your wardrobe instead of wasting money on cheap umbrellas will likely save you a few dollars in the long run.

Alternatively, look out for windproof umbrella offers from a trusted umbrella manufacturer. Whether you sign up for a new buyer discount code or keep an eye on seasonal sales and links, there are plenty of ways to invest in a quality umbrella that is able to withstand wind and storm elements for less. 

Lifetime guarantee

Just like cars, tablets, and watches, quality windproof umbrellas come with a lifetime warranty. These umbrellas are not designed solely to protect you from the elements but to offer an element of style. Investing in the right one will ensure a product that lasts as long as you do.

Today’s reputable umbrella manufacturer wants their product to be the last one you ever own, which is why they will repair or replace it should it cease from functioning correctly. Choosing a quality model ensures you get more bang for your buck. 

Whether your cat decides to use your new purchase as a scratching pole or you get caught in a freak hurricane (they do happen), knowing you have a lifetime warranty to fall back on is something we can all appreciate. 


Although not the most important consideration when choosing an umbrella, it is still a factor worth deliberating over. Most people will opt for the standard black brolly. Asides from being a sensible version, after all, black goes with everything. It is also a color that stands the test of time. You are less likely to mark an umbrella in a darker shade.

There is a range of fashionable options to choose from, including hot-hued brollies boasting stylish patterns and elaborate handles, many of which you can find links to online. 

Those brave enough to pick an eclectic umbrella will quickly learn this accessory can be a great talking point and one that guarantees to brighten up a dull day. 

Then there are the occasions that warrant a brighter umbrella. These include golf games, where vivid designs can prevent you from getting hit by a ball, and at night. Various styles are now available in reflective materials, which make sure cars and other people know of your presence. 

Types of Windproof Umbrellas

Bubble Umbrella: at last, a practical fashion accessory! Bubble umbrellas feature a dome design that boasts maximum wind and rain coverage and topmost visibility. Their unique shape prevents them from blowing inside out. Due to their transparent design, bubble umbrellas are the fashionista’s preferred choice, and a great one for those wishing to complement any ensemble. 

Auto-Open Umbrella: the perfect blend of form and function, umbrellas with an automatic, one-touch open mechanism take the hassle out of hiding from a storm. They’re also an asset to those who often have their hands full. 

Large Travel Umbrella: the besttravel umbrella promises to protect more than one person without sacrificing portability. Whether you’re of a bigger build or prefer something more substantial in size, compact umbrellas with large open spans make the perfect travel companions. 

Travel umbrellas: the most sought after windproof travel umbrella products boast three main features; they’re compact, durable, and lightweight. Instead of letting a downpour dampen your day, especially when away, invest in a compact umbrella that promises to go the distance without weighing you down. 

Compact Umbrella: there are times when a larger-than-life umbrella is a godsend, but when it comes to navigating the streets of busy cities and crowded tubes, a more compact construction is the preferred option. Today’s tiny umbrellas still pack a punch! The best part? They can hideaway at the bottom of your bag until required.

Windproof Umbrella: the goal of a windproof umbrella? To withstand sudden and often strong gusts of wind, without taking you for a flying lesson. Wind-proof styles embrace non-traditional design features. The result? A solidly built umbrella that isn’t afraid of high gust pressures.

Reverse Inverted Windproof Umbrella: designed with durability, comfort, and versatility in mind, reverse umbrellas, as the name suggests, are the complete opposite of traditional rain umbrellas. Instead of opening conventionally, they offer a petal-like opening and closing feature, to make sure all rainwater remains within.


What should I look for when buying a good umbrella?

We all know that the best umbrellas differ based on individual needs, budgets, and lifestyles.

However, when it comes to buying a good umbrella, it’s wise to consider the following features: 

  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • A vented canopy
  • A handle that’s comfortable to hold in either hand
  • A shaft that collapses in only two sections
  • An open and close mechanism
  • Price tag 
  • Warranty

Tips choosing the best windproof travel umbrella?

It’s often strong winds that cut our umbrella’s lifespans short, with epic gusts causing frames to break or become damaged. If the wind is your biggest concern, invest in a sturdy, durable style specifically designed to withstand high winds. 

A windproof umbrella should sport a frame that has been designed to return to its original shape, despite what Mother Nature throws at it. Today’s variants are so confident in their abilities they boast a lifetime guarantee. 

For best results, look for umbrellas that feature a vented inch canopy, in other words, two overlapping layers of fabric with a vent between them. This vent enables air to travel through the fabric. This releases pressure that can cause the inch canopy to flip. This simple yet effective feature can do wonders for the longevity of your umbrella, especially in the face of high wind gusts. 

What is the best rain umbrella for golf?

Golf umbrellas offer designs that differ from traditional windproof umbrellas, the main difference being the sheer size of their canopy. 

The best golf umbrella products are designed with harsh conditions and open courses in mind. 

To ensure a downpour doesn’t ruin your game, it’s wise to pick an option that is able to withstand high winds and offers impressive canopy coverage (it’s not just you that needs protecting, it’s your equipment too).

The best windproof umbrellas for golf should embrace the following assets: 

  • Sturdy size and weight
  • A handle offering good grip
  • A solid umbrella stick
  • Windproof 
  • An impressive double canopy size
  • Vent system
  • Fibreglass shaft 
  • A visible color

What is the best heavy-duty umbrella? 

With an abundance of choices available, choosing the best heavy-duty option can seem like a daunting task. This is when you need to do your homework. The most sought-after, robust styles may earn the following attributes: 

  • Reinforced ribs
  • Durable construction featuring hardened steel
  • Great wind resistance 
  • A double canopy 
  • Rain protection
  • Non-slip handle

Who makes good umbrellas? 

This isn’t an easy question to answer and one that will present hundreds of options in a quick Internet search query. Instead of looking at links listing top umbrella manufacturers, such as repel windproof, think about what you want from your product. You can consider the following: 

  • Your lifestyle: how do you intend to transport your windproof umbrella? 
  • Your location: which is more of an issue, light downpours, or harsh storms?
  • Is style more important than practicality: where and when will you be using this item?
  • Your price range: are you looking for a design that will stand the test of time? If so, you should consult your buying guide for a model that is likely to cost a little more than your average umbrella.

What is the largest umbrella you can buy?

One of the biggest windproof umbrellas on the market today boasts a whopping 68 inch diameter. In case you’re wondering, that’s large enough to provide rain protection to two people, possibly even three. 

However, bigger isn’t always better. Large umbrellas are ideal for open spaces, such as golf courses and the countryside. Trying to navigate your way around a busy city with an umbrella of this size will likely result in some nasty collisions.


With a variety of windproof umbrellas to choose from, having the knowledge to know which categories will benefit your individual needs is one way to whittle down your choice. From compact umbrellas to repel windproof umbrellas featuring a vent system, to versions with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs; providing you pay close attention to the open canopy size, the frame, the auto-open mechanism, and the guarantee – selecting the perfect option is easier than you think!  

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